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October 29, 2012
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Fanart - MLP. Daring's Fall by jamescorck Fanart - MLP. Daring's Fall by jamescorck
It's no doubt to everyone that one of the most memorable episodes of all Friendship is Magic is "Read it and Weep", where the badass Indy Jones expi Daring Do is introduced. Daring Do is one of my favorite characters of the show. She's bold, she's brave, she's smart, and she looks awfully cute in that pith helmet. When my friend told me that she is voiced by Chiara Zanni (the voice of BonBon in My Little Pony Tales) then the likable metter reached critical mass.

So, once again, you have to understand how much this kills me. I have the impression that my random number generator got stuck in "Sadist Mode" and thus keeps giving me characters that I love and hold very dear to my heart. I guess that only makes the drawing more powerful, right? I'll let you decide that.

What is the worst kind of nightmare to have? Is it being chased by something you can't see? Or being all alone in a room with nothing but yourself? In my opinion, the worst kind of nightmare is the nightmare that physically hurts you, like falling endlessly until you hit the bottom. There is always one nanosecond of doubt in your brain that lingers forever, during which you don't know if what just happened was real or it was just in your head. At one point you can be flying, free and light carried by the wind. The clouds pass by your side, and your feathers make little curls with their fluffy tops. But then lightning strikes perforating both your wings, and you lose control. You spin around, getting dizzy, until the ground is nothing but a whirlpool of brown and green that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And then you keep falling, thinking you might have entered the tunel to the center of the Earth, and you realize that dying alone, crushed and abandoned with nobody to look for you, is not a good way to go.

Nobody wants to die like that.

Art by James Corck
Daring Do comes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and belongs to Hasbro.
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20sentryfox Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Student Artist
gxfan537 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
Dashing Dare: DARING DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*
DannyPhantomRocks7 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013   Artist
I've also had a few VERY realistic, and crazy nightmares

One of my worst nightmares was, well, I was in some sort of REALLY big market. And one of my best friends was there, holding a knife. She was there with a girl really fat and chubby, and the chubby girl was wearing the dress Pinkie Pie wears in "cupcakes" (the odd part is, I didn't read cupcakes when I had that dream) and I started running through the market, knowing my friend was aiming to kill me.

I hid behind a man working a cash register, and my friend ran up to the man and shouted "WHERE IS SHE, THE LITTLE BITCH?!?!?!?!?"Then she plunged the knife deep into the man's throat. He let out a cry, and closed his eyes, dead. My friend took the knife out of his throat, and grinned. She knew I was behind him. I ran. I ran. I ran for what seemed like hours. Then I ran in to a medicine aisle. I stopped to catch my breath- and there they were.

"NO! Oh god no, please, no! I'm sorry if I did anything to you!I'm sorry!!"I screamed! I took a step back. i turned to run, but faced a wall. I turned back to the killers. The chubby girl laughed. I stared at my friend, silent tears streaming down my face. My friend walked closer to me, raised her knife at me neck, and-

BAM! I woke up, crying. I was still awake, hours later that night, thinking:"She wouldn't REALLY do that, would she?"

I spent the next few days avoiding my friend. I know it was just a damn dream, and I should get over it, but it was all way too real. I never told anyone about the dream.

Another one was, well, I was in EVERY MY LITTLE PONY FANFIC THERE WAS STARRING THE MANE SIX (Except Fluttershy)!!!!! It started with cupcakes. I was on a board next to Rainbow Dash, when Pinkie Pie finished Rainbow Dash and, well, she walked over to me, and took a knife and make a picture of her cutie mark in my left cheek. She said "Don't fret, darling. You'll just feel a teeny weeny prick.", she took a butcher knife and quickly stabbed me in the chest. I didn't feel a thing. but the next second, I was being rushed down a river made of blood.

A floating, yes, FLOATING book entitled Rainbow Factory was floating four feet above the hellish river. I tried to swim away from it, but the current was too strong, and inches away from it, I found my self in the middle of the story. Rainbow Dash was chasing the fillies, killing them and getting closer to Scootaloo.I realized I was on scootaloo's back. The next second, I was in the scene at the end. I heard Scootaloo say "You have beautiful eyes." Rainbow Dash flipped a lever and Scootaloo fell into the horrible machine. Rainbow Dash turned to me and said "Don't think I've forgotten about YOU."

She lifted me up and dropped me into the machine. I felt the blades slicing my skin, and i was back in the river, swimming away from Grand Ponyville Picnic. I'm not about to tell you about it. Too......sexually accusing. So I was back in the river and getting away from Rarity's new dress. I found myself after Fluttershy died, and Rarity stapped me to a table and her horn glowed, and I found my self totally skinned. Back in the river I went. Oh brother.

Then, I was in The experiments of Twilight Sparkle. She had the ponies strapped to a table, and I was there too. Twilight walked over to me, and took a knife. She made a round hole right above ay heart. "Interesting. A human heart." She grabbed the heart and ripped it out of my chest. I gasped. I felt my chest burn, and everything started to black out. I just heard Twilight saying "Oh, and Happy Birthday."

Yes. The night mare happened a mere 2 days before my birthday.

you could say these were near-death experiences.
GiromCalica Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I now remember when my mom threw me off the balcony while I was a baby.

lol at least someone caught me.
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have dreamed a few very, very realistic nightmares in which I died. Yep, I did not wake up in time to save myself.
One is that my plane plummeted to the ground and killed everyone on board. Seconds before the collision, I looked out of the window, and, seeing the ground approaching super fast, thought in horror, "But I've got so much left to do..." then the whole world shook violently and everything blacked out.
The worst nightmare involved me accidentally drinking a dose of super-fast poison. Then I fell down, vision darkened to total darkness. Now the real horror began: I couldn't see, hear or feel anything, but I could still think. I thought "OMG OMG OMG I died! In such a ridiculous way! I wonder what my funeral will be... *imagining my grave* Huh, not bad. Well, I guess I can rest now——wait wait wait why am I still thinking?! Does this mean brain death will soon follow and I'll be totally dead??!!" In black terror, I struggled against the blackness——and woke up, sweating heavily. "Oh... good, I'm still alive. It's good to be alive."
The terrible thing about these death in nightmares is that they felt totally real. In these dreams, I didn't have the slightly idea that it was just a dream. They can definitely qualify as near-death-experience.
jamescorck Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I agree with you, and those are horrifying nightmares! I think I have never read examples of nightmares so twisted and cruel, your brain was taking its revenge in you with relish, wasn't it? Goddamn.

I hope these nightmares didn't return.
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I guess the dream-making department in my brain can be twisted and cruel(accurate word choice you have made!). Once I dreamed of the building that I was in collapsed and buried me alive.
In the second-to-worst nightmare, I was a purple unicorn, and I visited a shop and fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up I found myself in a dark room(presumably the basement), locked on a steely contraption, with a razor sharp blade hanging over my neck. I guess I won't go on with the details of what happened next. (I dreamed this days after I unfortunately knew about Cupcakes)
On a lighter note, my best dream was that I was on the street when a large mob attacked me. I turned into Twilight and hit them with levitated stones. But I got outnumbered, so I turned into Rainbow and whooshed away. They threw torches and stones and fired rocket bombs at me, but I escaped over the clouds and they lost me. Then I made myself a bed in the clouds and slept, above the mad city below, in the starry sky.
jamescorck Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Dear lord, it does sound like a terrible nightmare. I hope it didn't return, I hate recurring nightmares.

Thankfully they get compensated with nice dreams.
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fortunately these bad dreams are very rare (so are the good dreams... most of my dreams are plain dumb), I've never had recurring nightmares, had you had any?
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fortunately these bad dreams are very rare (so are the good dreams... most of my dreams are plain dumb), I've never had recurring nightmares, had you had any?
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