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jamescorck's Profile Picture
Victor Cañizares Coleman
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello, this is Victor Cañizares Coleman, but online I am known as James Corck.

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and every day I do my best to improve my artistic skills, trying out new things, drawing for others and myself. You may wonder "Why an artist? Why don't you find a job that pays better and is safer?". Well, I read once that sane people become lawyers, doctors, or something other that pays well and has a secured position. If you are insane you make movies, write books, and do pictures. I guess I am insane then. Besides, I tried that whole "better job that pays well" thing for three years, and those were the most miserable years of my life. I only feel good doing this, I genuinely do. Doing otherwise would be to betray what makes me being me.

I come from a family of artists. My great grandfather was an artist. My grandfather was an artist. My mother was an artist. And I want to continue that lineage.

I'm the creator of Ask Movie Slate, an ask blog on Tumblr where I review movies with my character, a cute unicorn called Movie Slate. I also illustrate the comic series "Old Appleoosa: Tales from Eq-Westria" written by Fernindt, "I Will Never Leave You" and "Sanguine Kindness" written by Rated-R-Ponystar, and the comic strip series "Fur With Cream" (currently on hiatus).

I've worked for "BronyScot" doing graphic design for their convention, and came up with those "Best Pony Logo" edits a few years ago. I am also working with Silver Quill on his review show "After the Fact" as a title card illustrator.

I hope you all like what you see in my gallery, and I encourage you all to let me know what you think of my artwork in the comments.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you all have a wonderful time.

My Art Tumblr -

Ask Movie Slate -

My Picarto channel -

My Twitter -

My Commission Queue -…


Ask Movie Slate - Batman Forever by jamescorck
Ask Movie Slate - Batman Forever
Ask Movie Slate - Episode 178

Featuring the awesome :iconask-wiggles: as The Riddler. Happy Birthday Wiggles!!!

I've been wanting to draw this idea for quite sometime already, and it feels really good to finally put it down on paper. I'm not particularly fond of The Riddler as a Batman villain, but I won't deny that he's the classiest of all of them. He must have a massive compulsion to be caught, or else he wouldn't leave clues wherever he goes, making it so easy for Batman to find him. Did you know that Christopher Nolan almost casts Johnny Depp as The Riddler for his Dark Knight Trilogy? Now try to wrap your head around that idea. I think bowler hats and suits are not appreciated enough, we need to bring those back.

"Batman Forever" is one of those movies that I only watched once, and that was enough for me to last a lifetime. I know it's easy to mock the Batman movies directed by Joel Schumacher, but I've always considered this one to be the worst one because it doesn't know what it wants to be. It's either trying to be like the Tim Burton Batman movies, or like the Adam West '66 Batman series. At least Batman & Robin was stupid and campy all the way through, and had no problems with its own identity. This movie is just all over the place, which makes it more enfuriating. The tone, the setting, the writing, it's so uneven that I don't know what to make of it, which makes it harder for me to try and enjoy. I'm pretty sure this movie has its fans, so if you enjoy this one then more power to you. I'll stick to Mr. Freeze's terrible puns, the Bat-Nipples, and Uma Thurman.

I think I managed to drench the scene in greens without actually drowning it, and I feel so proud for that. Using a soft light layer to create a better depth of field has also helped a lot. I've been using this technique more and more lately, all thanks to the feedback of super artist and awesome friend :icondroakir:. I've also decided to start adding a poster relevant to the movie that Movie Slate is reviewing at the time. I haven't done it before because I was concerned it might become a gimmick, but I'm sure I can play it to a point where it doesn't overstay its welcome. Also, I think Wiggles looks awesome in that suit.

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

Thank you!

You can check the update on Movie Slate's blog right here.

Art by James Corck
Fanart - MLP. Brotherhood of Adorkable by jamescorck
Fanart - MLP. Brotherhood of Adorkable
Commission for :iconssjcharon:

To continue on the line of illustrations with characters of MLP mixed with characters from Fallout, here you have Twilight Sparkle, Moondancer and Spike as members of the Brotherhood of Steel. It didn't take me long to figure out that Twilight should be either an Elder or a Head scribe, and Moondancer had to be only slightly below rank respect Twilight. Spike was going to be a Paladin, there was no doubt on that regard, but I wasn't sure if young Spikey-Wikey would've been fit to put on the armor and act as (what is essentially) a bodyguard. So I aged him up, gave him a plasma rifle (because of his green flame) and there you go. I like this badass version of Spike, I hope you guys do too.

I was both looking forward and dreading to draw the archives of the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout: New Vegas. Despite how long it took me to draw them, I quite enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I think they turned out somewhat good. I'll let you guys judge the depth of field and quality of the background in the comments. By the by, the costumes of the Brotherhood of Steel are amazing. I'd kill to have one of them.

As per usual with this series, the original deviations are here Comission - Twilight Scribe by jamescorck and here Comission - Paladin Twilight Sparkle by jamescorck It's been a long time coming since drawings like this one, hasn't it?

I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Art by James Corck.
A week after the death of my friend MithosY, I'll resume uploading and posting more new artwork here again. I slowed down for these seven days as a way to settle down, let my emotions calm down, and take things easy for a change. Also, during this time of inactivity, I've managed to finish a few more pictures so I have been drawing a lot, I just haven't posted anything new since last Tuesday. I'm always drawing and it's difficult for me to stop, but I had to stay away from the social network sites since I didn't know how well I felt to interact with you all.

For this I want to thank you guys, for your patience, and the constant support you show for me and my craft.

In the very near future of the month of February you can expect more Movie Slate updates, more Fallout Equestria illustrations, and a few new things I've been able to experiment and try that I hope you guys enjoy as well. Also, I'm planning on showing more work in progress shots of my drawings, so you guys can see the inner workings of my artistic process, as well as having you guys telling me what you think of it.

About the next page of "I Will Never Leave You", I've already started working on it. I've began the rough sketch and soon I'll be moving to a more detailed version of the final page. I'm very excited about this one and I hope you guys are excited too.

Commission Queue.

Since this month I'll be taking care of the electricity bill in my house, I've had to take a few more commissions than I was planning to, thus adding more to my already growing and never ending queue. This isn't necessarily bad, but it means it will take me a while to take newer commissions. Anytime I feel like I'm making some more progress I get pushed down some more. I guess it's the downside of working doing what you love, right?

Mystery Project #1.

I am sketching this, and I won't tell you what it is ;D But I guarantee you guys are going to be endlessly amused by it!


I'm safe to say that there's plenty of Movie to go until March! Let's see how to produce more after that, it's such a maelstrom of activity the first two months of the year, it's really insane. It's not for lack of ideas, it's for lack of time!


Nope. Not any time soon. If before I wasn't feeling confident about streaming, after last week I feel less comfortable with the idea than ever before. I'm very sorry to disappoint every one, but I have to think about my health (physical and mental) before I decide to put myself in front of everyone again. I hope you guys understand this.

Thank you so much for reading this, and have a good one everybody!


Ask Movie Slate - Wild Wild West by jamescorck
Ask Movie Slate - Wild Wild West
Ask Movie Slate - Episode 177

This was commissioned by my good friend, and fantastic person, :iconmithosandnai:

Unfortunately, he never got to see this one being completed. He passed away in February 1st 2016, due to heart complications. He saw as far as the main sketch, but nothing else. I've never had something like this happen to me before. Have someone die on me without seeing one of their drawings completed. But I don't want to think he's completely gone. He's not. Mithos, Mithy as I called him, has left an impact in my life few other people have. I intend on keeping his legacy alive, drawing his characters and putting his ideas into drawings. He was one of the best people I've ever met. His memory will always be there, and wherever I go he'll be with me.

"Wild Wild West". You know, disregard my opinion of the movie, Mithy and I would discuss this one for hours on end. The last few calls we had were almost all focused on discussing this movie and its many flaws, and isn't that just the weirdest thing? One of the last things I did with my friend was to talk about this piece of shit of a movie. I was of the opinion that not even the mechanical spider saves it, while Mithy appreciated the bizarre setting, the steampunk artifacts, and the goddamn giant mechanical spider. He wanted to have his OC, Myth, wearing those ridiculously complicated steampunk googles, you know the ones. Those that haven thirty lenses and are super-impractical. You might not be able to see them all that well in the drawing, but they're there, trust me they are. I never thought the setting worked, truth be told. The whole steampunk wild west scenario felt more like a failed attempt to capture the atmosphere of Men in Black but without the phasers. But Mithy liked it, so what the hell. I went and rolled with it and damned be the consequences.

By the way, that spider took it's revenge while I was drawing it, because it's the most unnecessarily busy and complicated design I have ever seen. I looked at concept art from the movie, and it looked amazing! It was so stylish, and neat, and looked more like an actual spider, instead of a tank with eight clustered legs. Besides, there's no way the whole thing would've worked. It looks so damn heavy it feels like it's going to collapse in and on itself. I was halfway through shading it when I received the news that Mithy had passed away. I started coloring his OC and Movie Slate, when a common friend of us told me he had died. I finished the rest of the picture within one hour, taking breaks to whip off the tears and sucking up the grief. I doubt he would've wanted me to leave the picture unfinished. My only regret is that he didn't get to see it completed, but I'm hoping that, wherever he is right now, he's looking at it and thinking: "Fuck, I wish I could've said to him how much I like this".

I hope you like it Mithy. Thank you, for being such a wonderful person, and an even better friend. I'll see you on the other side.

You can see as far as Mithy saw, right here Ask Movie Slate - Episode 177 (sketch) by jamescorck

You can check the update on Movie Slate's blog right here.

Art by James Corck
These are the kind of words one would never want to write, yet I find myself in the position of doing so.

On the 1st of February of 2016, :iconmithosandnai: passed away due to heart complications.

We first met all the way back in 2013, when he found out about me through Tumblr and then started showing up at my Livestreams. He'd drop by, comment, chat with others, ask for a drawing or two, and then he started commissioning me. He'd ask for some bizarre ideas but definitely interesting and worth exploring, and drawing by drawing he went from being a client to become one of my best friends. He was a security guard at a residential place, but his studies were in criminology and psychology. He knew how to do criminal profiles, and we'd spend a good few hours talking about how they worked. He wanted to write horror and mystery novels, being H.P. Lovecraft his biggest influence. All the artwork he commissioned from me reflects this passion for the occult, and otherworldly.

It's a tragedy that he has been taken away from us so soon, so early, before we could enjoy more of his wonderful writing, meet more of the characters he wanted to create, or get to explore more of those ideas. I only managed to be with him for roughly three years, but they have been three intense, fantastic, and memorable years. My only regret is not having drawn more artwork for him, which is why I'm determined to fill this folder in my gallery with more drawings featuring his characters. His memory is worth celebrating every single day of the year, but from now on the 1st of February will always be MithosdaY for me, and for every artist he's touched with his generosity, creativity, kindness, and loyalty. He was the biggest sweetheart of sweethearts, and I am really going to miss him.

Writing these words hurts a lot. That's because people like him are not often found. He brought a kind of joy that only those around him can understand. People like Mithy are a rarity. From now on the world is going to be a little bleaker, a little bit sadder, and a little bit emptier. I'm here hoping he's taken all this love we all gave to him to a better place.

Thank you Mithy, for being my friend. I will never forget you.


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SkywardSylphina Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My stars, darling, your paintings are absolutely gorgeous! I don't normally say this but thank you ever so much for the watch, it's truly an honor to come from someone at your skill level. Please keep up the lovely work and God bless!
jamescorck Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your compliment <3

I have to say, your skill level is amazing. Your illustrations are beautiful. Your sense of color and design is marvelous. You should be illustrating children's books, and doing concept art for animated shows. You have a bright, and wonderful future ahead of you. Keep on drawing, if you're this good right now, in the future you will be unbelievable.
SkywardSylphina Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It's no trouble, sir! ^^

Heavens, that... that really means a lot to me, thank you. I do hope to illustrate a children's book someday but I'm afraid I have a ways to go in terms of writing skill before that can become a possibility *laughs* I'll be sure to try my best though and keep improving! Thank you so much for such encouraging words!
jamescorck Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Always happy to give supporting words :D
FireHeartDraws Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello James, it is me again. I wanted to get your opinion on the artwork I am currently working on. is their any way to send you a copy for a private veiwing, as it is not ready for public display yet.  lol it still is a work in progress after all. XD
If not I can describe it here. I am doing a guitar Duel between Rainbow Dash and Tails the Fox, I could use your opinion on the character Tails.  I am going for a more realistic design and at the same time Make Tails look a little older if possible.
I believe it will help compliment the more realistic facial structure im using for Rainbow Dash, or do you think I should use the original look of Tails as it is such recognizable trait for that specific character?

Any thoughts you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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